Check out this super-cute puffling!

The Scottish Seabird Centre is appealing for North Berwick residents to keep their eyes peeled for pufflings who have made their way ashore.

Every year the pufflings get attracted into the town by the lights, when they leave their burrows. This puts them at risk as they often wander under cars or they can be attacked by pets and other animals.

If you find one, please contact the Centre and we will coordinate a rescue.

From 09:00 to 17:30 anyone who finds a puffling should call 01620 890202 and outwith these hours please call Maggie on 07709 505 133.

Pufflings look very different from their adult counterparts — they are shades of grey rather than distinctive black and white, and their beaks are also grey, rather than the bright colours of the adults.

The puffins and pufflings will remain on the Firth of Forth islands until the start of August, before spending the autumn and winter out at sea. Visitors to the award-winning Discovery Centre can zoom in on the puffin action on the islands of Craigleith, Fidra and Isle of May National Nature Reserve with interactive live cameras which do not disturb the wildlife in any way.


Puffling 20 July 2012

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