Wildlife sightings 27 July 2012

Sightings by Maggie

We had seen puffins during the day, not in huge numbers. Was the season coming to an end?

Our first early evening boat trip proved they had not left. Indeed it was quite spectacular with hundreds gathered on rocks and outside their burrows. The raucous call of the herring gulls flying in to roost filled the air, cormorants and shags with the juveniles settled in for the evening.

At the Bass too it was a spectacle. The noise, the smell – the senses were bombarded! Finally the sun dropped lower in the sky, fingers of orange and reds spreading as we headed back to harbour.
On an earlier trip,  our friendly seal visited, not only close to the boat; he swam around several times peering at all the passengers in hope of a fish. We’ve been seeing more harbour seals this week at both Craigleith and the cave at the Bass.

News from the May that many pufflings are still in burrows not yet ready to fledge. It is thought that the early season floods may have delayed laying, so keep panning around. They are still feeding young.

Visiting the island this week we had just some of the best puffin days witnessed and the good news that the terns are doing quite well although some areas are much quieter now.

The hint of seasonal changes are making an appearance; turnstone in summer plumage, black headed gulls, their chocolate brown caps still showing, sandwich terns fledging, goosander spotted off shore, a diver was seen by a passenger although not identified and the odd skua has been spotted from the boat.


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