Wildlife sightings 21 March 2014

Sightings from Maggie

Isle of May : With stormier weather at the end of last week, the puffins vanished. Heading out to the May I spotted only one on the sea. As we sailed past, the familiar pattering of the webs on the sea as it gained momentum. Finally, with whirring wings, it headed off into the distance. Every year, we still become excited seeing the first puffin of the season! With my kit dropped off, I had a quick run, wander around the island. Before reaching the cliffs the distinctive ‘ahhrrr’ of the guillemots could be heard. There were hundreds on the cliffs and good numbers of razorbills. I sat watching the displays, the squabbles, I spotted razorbills mating. In the distance I could hear seals wailing and of course the constant chuckle of fulmars. The following day only a few guillemots were on the stacks and by Saturday, they had gone. A few kittiwakes were observed in flight but none on the cliffs.

Just too late for last week’s report, the first kittiwakes had been seen at Dunbar on the 12 March and the other day on camera there were several sitting at their nest sites.

Bass: Seeing particular birds on site is wonderful – tree hugger popped out, the gable pair (who bred successfully for the first time last year), the chapel pair…I just hope ‘weegie of the path’ isn’t there!! (James’ favourite!). The sea of white is spreading. Keep a watch for any Darvick-ringed birds and, where possible, note the numbers, please. Several of these study birds were alone last year, their mate had not returned. Many of these birds are near the rail, and around the gable end of the chapel. The Discovery Centre team will update on all the camera action of this week.


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