Wildlife sightings 4 April 2014

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Claudia

The last week has seen the puffins disappearing again for a few days and all of the visitors and staff alike are very keen to find puffins on camera. They have not settled yet and, if they are around, they leave again in the afternoon at around 15:00 to 16:00.

The cormorants on Craigleith have started laying eggs and so have the shags, although the shag eggs have only been spotted so far by the SOS Puffin volunteers but not on camera.

We got some news from the CEH about our shag Blue ZCA. He is a male and was ringed in 2009 on the Isle of May on the east coast. He’s been a successful breeder the last two years so hopefully we will get some chicks on camera this year, too.
Bass Rock gets fuller every day. The gannets carefully pick stones, mud and sticks to start the nest and are bringing in big amounts of seaweed, too.

On the castle ruins of Dunbar it looks as though every nook and cranny now has a kittiwake nest contained within it.

In our Rockpool tank we introduced some whelk egg balls (they are these strange white bubble balls which can be found on the beach). There are now again pregnant prawns. A little sea anemone has attached to an empty whelk shell and might be picked up by a hermit crab one day. The blennies have been hiding for a day and did not even come out for the fish feed. The next day they were both very hungry. We wonder if they have laid eggs too.


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