Wildlife sightings 7 February 2014

Notes from the Discovery Centre – Fran Thomas

We are eagerly scanning the Bass Rock cameras looking for the first gannet, but nothing as yet. Perhaps by next week’s Bulletin we will have seen one.

The large groups of shags are not around this week – just the odd one here and there. Cormorants, gulls and fulmars are on camera in small numbers. I’ve just been watching a pair of fulmars trying to walk about on Craigleith and their legs are set so far back that they look quite ungainly. Also on Craigleith I’ve seen a herring gull carrying plant material in its beak. The peregrine has been around occasionally.

On the Isle of May we’ve had a seal for a few days. The dead moulted pup that had been draped over some rocks for weeks now has finally been washed off by the high tides and big waves. It is lying on the beach where it continues to provide a meal for the great black-backs.

In the rock-pool tank in the Discovery Centre we have a pregnant prawn! She is holding a clutch of eggs between her abdominal appendages. We are hoping to get her into a special hatchery net when it arrives, to see if we can rear the offspring away from potential predators. More on that next week.


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