Wildlife sightings 24 April 2014

Sightings by Maggie

Easter weekend, as we sailed around the Bass we knew there must be a gannet egg somewhere, but the only way to spot them at this time is firstly to have time and patience, pull up a chair in the Discovery Centre and zoom into the bellies of the settled birds. Unfortunately, although I had the patience and did watch a couple of birds for some time I didn’t have the time to sit. There is something exciting about spotting that first egg wrapped in the webs of the adult. Within 24 hours the first egg had been seen!

Guillemots come and go, some days in the hundreds in the cave, other days just a handful. The peregrine was spotted on the lighthouse viewpoint by passengers. Seals, as ever, pop up at the cave entrance, always to a delighted audience. We spotted a little harbour seal hauling itself out just below the helipad. It’s now been there for three days!! It must have had some feast and in a very sheltered niche, it’s just slept and chilled, raising its head in interest every time we sail by, the life of a seal!

Craigleith always brings shrieks of excitement even when one puffin is spotted. On every sailing passengers have not been disappointed and on most days we do spot them whether on land or sea. News from the May of the probability of the first puffin egg out there …will keep you updated on that.


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