Wildlife sightings 6 June 2014

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Claudia

We have big (or small) news this week. We have our first gannet chick spotted on camera! It was spotted last Friday and is doing very well. We are now eagerly waiting more hatchlings. Whilst looking out for little chicks, we’ve seen a gannet chewing on our camera cables. The cable is very well insulated and he should not be able to bite through (at least we hope not).

In Dunbar Harbour, the kittiwakes have laid their eggs and we are waiting for the chicks. Our tanks still have a lot going on but unfortunately, the little jellyfish did die.

On Fidra the razorbills and guillemots have chicks as do the herring gulls. It’s hard to believe that such a nice little fluffy leopard chick will be growing into a litter bin scavenging bird.

A lot is happening on Craigleith. The puffins have been spotted coming back with sandeels! It is a very good sign that the pufflings have hatched. We also have a puffin now coming regularly into the burrow with the cam. However, we haven’t seen him with sandeels yet.

The shags on the Isle of May now have more and more chicks. The first new chick was spotted yesterday and we are confident that more will follow soon.


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