Wildlife sightings 23 May 2014

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Claudia

We’re still waiting for the first gannet chick. On Sunday we were really excited as we spotted a broken eggshell but unfortunately, it turned out that the nest was empty so we assume that the gannet lost the egg to a gull.

The puffins are still sitting around in big numbers but they are not coming back with sandeels in their beaks. But we keep looking for it. On the positive side we did see our first ever puffin in the burrow with the burrow cam.

The shags on the Isle of May are sitting on their eggs and we are waiting for the chicks to be born. A new pair has got together and is improving the top nest.

The cormorants on Craigleith now have their chicks and the little heads can be seen bobbing around and constantly asking the parents for more food.

In the tank things have settled. But we are still finding new things every day. Yesterday we found a shrimp burying itself in the sand. A look in the seashore book told us that it is a brown shrimp. We found a second whelk. Despite being quite big we didn’t find it until yesterday! We also had to find out that our scorpion fish is not what it seemed to be and it is in fact a hooknose.


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