Wildlife sightings 12 June 2014

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Claudia

The week started with an interesting sighting from our visitors. Dozens of moon jellyfish have been washed up upon the shores. How unlucky that we are no longer able to show them our baby ones especially as there was also a sighting of some white cross jellyfish later in the week. 

The kittiwakes on Dunbar Castle are patiently sitting on the eggs whilst some others on the Isle of May were manically pulling up nesting material like grass and sea campion.

On the Bass Rock we have finally a gannet chick to show visitors. The chick is about four days old and still very vunerable. Hopefully we will see some more soon!

Unfortunately where there is life there is death. We also spotted a dead gannet on camera and on the Isle of May a greater black back gull was seen feeding on a dead puffin.

But back to nicer things: the guillemots on Fidra now have quite a few chicks and the shag chicks on the Isle of May are growing so fast you could think they were given fertilizer. The cormorant chicks on Craigleith do not fit into their nest anymore and the parents have to sit on the rim to feed them.

On Craigleith some of the puffins have been seen coming in with sandeels. The size of the fish vary so let’s hope that they find enough decent size ones. One of the wooden puffins we put up for Puffin Fest has been used by one of the shags as nesting material. It raised some eyebrows as some visitors thought that there was a dead puffin.


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