Wildlife sightings 28 May 2015

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Claudia

We are looking out for the first gannet chick on camera. Maggie has spotted one whilst being on the Bass next to the path at St Baldred’s chapel. So not long now and we should see the little ones on camera too!

Our lovely eider ducks on Fidra have chicks too. Let’s hope we don’t have to witness too many losses. The kittiwakes on the left hand side of the ruin in Dunbar have eggs and we are eagerly waiting to see more.

The puffins are out and about. We spotted a puffin going in and out the burrowcam burrow. Will we have another fluffy puffling this year?

In the tank a lot of our hermit crabs have changed into a new shell. Children and adults alike are fascinated by our spider crab. They are so well camouflaged that it is really difficult to spot them on the lobster creel.

The cormorant chicks are now massive. The shags are lagging behind but growing fast. We are still waiting for the first egg on Charlie and Juliette’s nest.


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