Wildlife sightings 9 July 2015

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Lee

Fidra has been the spotlight this week with pufflings being seen as they become a bit adventurous, sometimes a bit too curious as predation on the fluffy chicks is already becoming apparent.

The razorbill chick on Fidra cliff has now disappeared along with the parent who has now returned to her cliff edge nest, alone.

The gannet chicks or ‘gugas’ are now around 6 six weeks old and a few of them are already stretching their wings in the cool breeze.
The young female peregrine has been scarce this week and was spotted for only a brief while this morning, which is saddening seeing as our peregrine whisperer Alex is away and so, cannot call her back!

Our rockpool tank has a new addition; a mermaid’s purse containing a spotted dogfish egg which we are assuming is relatively new seeing as it was discovered in a commonly used fishing crate. Our wrasse has become bolder as it is now leaving its hidey hole during the fish feed talk – which is great for us and the visitors!


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