Wildlife sightings 20 August 2015

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Liz

Most of the action on the cameras this week has been on Fidra and Bass Rock. There have been regular peregrine sightings on both, and these islands are now home to our last chicks of the season. The young guga on the Bass continue to develop well with more and more brown feathers appearing. Rebecca, our visiting researcher from Edinburgh University, finished collecting her data on Wednesday and now has the task of analysing her results. We wish her luck and look forward to hearing about her findings.

Meanwhile the fulmar chicks on Fidra are growing fast. They have been very lively and are popular with visitors. One even saw off a curious juvenile shag last week. The chicks are on their own much of the time so it is good to see that they have a feisty nature. There are also some late shag chicks still in a nest on Fidra. They are large but still evidently fluffy. One of the parents is ringed but we have yet to confirm its code.

It’s all about anemones in our tank at the moment with some newly budded offspring produced in recent weeks by a mature anemone on the lobster pot, while two neighbouring anemones at the other end of the tank have been fighting over the best spot with much aggressive behaviour on show. Beadlet anemones use their blue ring of stinging nematocysts to attack other anemones that invade their space. An exciting display for visitors.


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