Wildlife sightings 6 August 2015

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Liz

Lots of changes out on the islands this week as we say goodbye to the puffins. After a few days of busy activity and preparations they have headed out onto the water. The darkening of the cheek feathers was visible on several individuals before they left and soon their colourful beaks will fade for the winter as they finish their performance for another season.

The young female peregrine seen regularly on Fidra is now coming into her adult plumage. Meanwhile the male and female peregrine on the Bass Rock were caught in a stand-off over a kill on the lighthouse several days ago, a sure sign that their partnership has now ended for the season. Many of the young guga on the Bass Rock are coming into their brown plumage but they still have another four or five weeks of growing to do before they are ready to fledge.


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