Wildlife sightings 29 October 2015

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Liz

Seal season is well and truly underway here in the Discovery Centre! We now have over 60 seal pups on the Isle of May beach! The beach is crowded with pups exploring their new world. There are still many more expectant females coming out onto the rocks at low tide and we are constantly on the lookout for any births. Meanwhile things are just getting started on the island of Craigleith with two young pups now rolling around on the grass, a comfy-looking birth place. Sadly a few pups have been lost to rough high tides on the May but for most part this year’s pups are doing very well. Don’t forget that if you spot a pup being born you win one of our adoption packs and can name the pup on our nursery board. Our oldest seal pups, Maya and Mara are now 3 and half weeks old. They are moulting their white pup fur and even taking practice swims in the shallows. In a couple more weeks they will be ready to join the adults at sea. It’s a very busy and exciting time!

In other Discovery Centre news, while large areas of the Bass Rock are now empty of gannets as they leave for the winter, there are still two late gugas visible on the cameras and many adults flying above the island.

Our fish tanks have had an autumn clean and are sparkling. The crabs and squat lobsters in the tidal tank are becoming bolder every day and now spend great lengths of time foraging around the tank. Finally our peregrines of course continue to visit the ledges on the cliffs of Fidra regularly, and alongside the shags, cormorants, eiders and gulls will stay with us as we head towards winter.


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