Wildlife sightings 26 November 2015

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Claudia

This week we continue to see our peregrines on Fidra together with some shags and cormorants. On Wednesday we managed to have another count of our seal pups on the Isle of May. The count on that day stood at 58 seal pups. Many of them are now losing their white fur and are starting to explore the island. But still we have 1-3 day old pups on camera, looking absolutely gorgeous! Some older seal pups get now a bit canny trying to get milk after they have been left by their mums and we could observe one which successfully managed to steal some milk from a cow with a white fur pup.

Exciting news in our fish tank. We had some lovely members, the Lawson family, who brought us about 60 hermit crabs! We’ve put about 20 in the tidal tank and about 40 in the main tank. We will see how they get on, as it is always a bit unsure how many you can put in a tank as they are very territorial and do have a strict pecking order! But so far they are looking great and giving a lot more interest, to the tidal tank especially. On the sad side, our male Blenny is not well. I’ve found him this morning, not moving at all (apart from some breathing), fins all stretched out. I’ve now given him a little tank on his own with oxygen supply and a cosy towel on top (so he has some shade). Hopefully he will recover as he is a favourite with the children and adults alike.


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