Wildlife sightings 18 February 2016

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Claudia

We now have two cameras working on the Bass Rock and are still eagerly looking out for gannets. They are flying around but so far none of them has landed in sight of the cameras.

On Craigleith we are still watching shags every day but we do spot some seals every so often hauling out and enjoying the spring sun. The peregrine is still making an appearance nearly every day on Fidra, as do the fulmars and shags. Last Saturday we saw some graylag geese as well. But what is keeping us excited still is our fish tank. Our mermaids purse is still refusing to hatch after fooling us a few weeks ago but we discovered that one of our common whelks has now laid eggs. Who knows we might end up with a lot more snails in future!


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