Wildlife sightings 3 March 2016

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Claudia

The gannets are back! Alex was the first from the Centre team, along with two visitors – three-year-old May White and Jack Rutherford, were our Gannet Watch champs on Monday 29 February. They are still a bit camera shy but there is no doubt that they are here as we spotted a  dozen on Wednesday too. Not long now and the Bass Rock will be white again.

There is news from our fish tank too as our whelks have laid even more eggs. We don’t know when they will hatch but there will be snails everywhere!

We still have seals hauling out on Craigleith wondering what the shags are up to. What will the shags find this year to build a nest? Last year we had an interesting construction involving a BBQ grill…

On the Isle of May, Charlie (Blue ZCA) is busy building his nest in front of our camera (no strange things in there yet) and has obviously impressed a new female, Red BAU. However, he is a ladies’ man and swapped half-way through the breeding season for another female so it remains to be seen if they stay together for this year…

Our peregrine falcons are still making a near daily appearance on both Fidra and Craigleith and our lovely fulmars are looking gorgeous on camera.


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