Wildlife sightings 28 April 2016

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Alex

There are now several gannet eggs dotted around especially below our camera. Still too early for chicks but with so many eggs there will be some great shots of chicks this season. Cormorant and shag eggs are also increasing on the islands and ‘Charlie’ and ‘Lola’ are still doing well incubating their eggs on the May.

Peregrine father and daughter are doing well on Fidra but no signs of the Bass Rock pair.

Puffins continue to come and go but with nicer weather, hopefully, on the way they will become more settled. First puffin egg on the Isle of May last week courtesy of David Steel and his blog. No activity yet on our burrow camera but fingers crossed for our returning pair.

Spaghetti, the catshark, is doing well and we now plan to relocate it to the Tidal Tank once a few adjustments are made for its safety.

280416 la craigleith


Wildlife sightings 21 April 2016

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Helen

It’s really spring here on camera! We saw our first gannet egg last Friday but it seems to have disappeared, so we’re looking out for more. Our Isle of May shags, Charlie and Lola, are still incubating three eggs. Herring gulls, Islay and Jura, on Craigleith are on their nest, but no eggs yet. Puffins are coming and going, but lots here today, and we now have our puffin burrow camera installed awaiting new arrivals! Eider ducks are everywhere so we expect to see the females nesting soon.

In the tank the catshark is gradually growing, although it’s not very active. We also have a spider crab in too.

280416 la bass rock

Wildlife sightings 14 April 2016

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Helen

Our lovely shag pair on the Isle of May, Charlie and Lola, have three eggs. They are right in front of the camera so we’re looking forward to watching their family grow up. Cormorants also have eggs, and this time last year we saw our first gannet egg, so we’re keeping our eyes peeled.

Islay and Jura, our herring gulls, are still nest building on Craigleith, using everything to hand including tree mallow and bottle tops. The puffins are still not settled – we’ve lots one day and none the next! Kittiwakes, fulmars, razorbills and guillemots are all in evidence too.

280416 la dunbar

Wildlife sightings 7 April 2016

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Helen

Big news – we have eggs! Or rather the cormorants on Craigleith and the shags on Craigleith and Isle of May have eggs. Gannets numbers have risen so looking pretty much at full strength now. Lots of wonderful territorial and courtship behaviour. Kittiwakes, guillemots, razorbills and fulmars are all here. The puffins are continuing to keep us on our toes – here one minute and gone the next! And in the fish tank, we’re still waiting for the mermaid’s purse to hatch.

070416 la bass rock 2

Wildlife sightings 31 March 2016

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Claudia

The puffins are back! So lovely to see them now nearly every day on camera. They have started to congregate underneath the Craigleith camera and look absolutely gorgeous. As well as the puffins we have our shags and cormorants on Craigleith. Who will spot the first cormorant egg?

The Bass Rock is looking full and it is quite stunning to realise that there are more gannets to come! Lots of billing, sky pointing and, of course, head shaking can be seen on camera as they ‘rearrange’ the distances between the nests. They are bringing in a lot of seaweed and stones to construct their nests.

On Fidra the peregrines are now on the camera daily and we spotted them mating on Wednesday. Will we be lucky enough to get another chick this year?

In our fish tank the little shark is still in his egg. We had hope that it would hatch in time for Easter but it seems to find it too cosy in there…