Wildlife sightings 19 June 2016

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Alex

Eggs and chicks are all over the cameras just now with gannets, guillemots, razorbills, cormorants and shags all having eggs on the nest, with the latter now with chicks. It will still be a few weeks until the first gannet chick is spotted on the Bass Rock. We won’t know about ‘pufflings’ until we see the iconic image of a puffin holding sandeels, the typical sign that chicks have hatched and are awaiting food. Puffin numbers are now pretty healthy on the cameras, just in time for Puffin Fest so the first puffin talks will have live birds on camera!

During the past week we have seen a few grey seals on the beach on the Isle of May as well as the rocky shore of Craigleith. Some of these individuals were adults but there were also a few younger grey seals.


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