Wildlife sightings 2 June 2016

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Alex

As summer approaches we are seeing more and more chicks on the camera. We spotted our first herring gull chicks of the season on Fidra earlier this week and today we have seen even more. Many are already mobile and exploring their surroundings, with a few already being bold enough to enter a puffin’s burrow. The first gannet chick of the season was spotted by Maggie on one of her trips to the Bass but we are yet to see it on our cameras. It won’t be too long however until the Bass cameras are full of gugas.

The peregrines are still being spotted on our Fidra and Bass cameras respectively with the latter being spotted with prey around the lighthouse platforms. Razorbills, guillemots and kittiwakes all still have eggs and we await our first chicks of these seabirds on our cameras.

There have been quite a few seal sightings this week with a few being spotted on both Craigleith and the Isle of May. Both islands, though busy during the pupping season, do have resident colonies of grey seals that occasionally haul themselves out on the shore to rest.

Sad news of a minke whale washing up on a beach at St Andrews this week. Though we do not experience the same numbers of cetaceans as the Moray Firth, we are lucky to get the occasional minke whale as well as bottlenose dolphin and porpoise in the Forth. The boat team will soon be reporting sightings of these over the coming months and we hope to spot them too on the cameras in the Discovery Centre as well as from the Scope Deck.

Bass Rock June


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