Wildlife sightings 16 June 2016

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Scott

It’s has been another busy week for us with a lot of gannet chicks hatching, many of the chicks visible are only a few days old and are yet to develop feathers. Our guillemots have also started to hatch on the Isle of May and Fidra, chicks are still a bit difficult to spot as they are taking shelter from the rain but within the next week or so we should have lots of little fluffy chicks. Our first razorbill chick has also hatched this morning; it belongs to the pair nesting in front of our Fidra Cliff camera.

Our seals are still making regular appearances on Craigleith with four being spotted together on Saturday, one male and three young females.

Our peregrines made a welcome return this week with a pair being spotted on the Bass Rock lighthouse sharing a kill. Our young female peregrine has also made an appearance on Fidra after not being seen for a little while. Peregrines are not wet weather specialists and so have most likely been taking shelter during the rather unpleasant weather (who can blame them!).

Unfortunately we had some more bad news from our young shag pair on the Isle of May. The birds (tagged White NDJ) laid a second egg, after losing their first but sadly they have lost their second egg as well. It is unlikely that they will lay a third but hopefully they will return, more experienced, next year. Our other chicks belonging to Charlie and Lola have been ringed and so we will be able to track their progress for years to come. There are three large chicks which are all doing well and certainly keeping their parents busy!

It’s not all over yet for the egg laying season as our fulmar and kittiwake chicks are due to hatch. Both are expected soon with kittiwakes due to hatch within the next five days.

Check out the live action via the Seabird Centre webcams. Click HERE to view. 

Fidra June 2016


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