Wildlife sightings 28 July 2016

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Alex

Last week saw the return of the Fidra cameras following a short power issue and the sight of a fulmar chick on the North camera. It is often quite rare to see these chicks until they are more developed and are keen to leave the nest. However, this chick still appears to be quite young with parents coming and going. Only one chick spotted on Fidra so far but, hopefully, we will start seeing more and more over the coming weeks. The peregrines have also been making their usual appearances on their respective ledges though, with the presence of guillemots, razorbills, fulmars as well as gulls, they have not been as frequent as they are in winter.

The Bass Rock continues to shine white, especially in recent weeks with the sunnier weather and plenty of gugas now beginning to moult. Soon we will have darker speckled juveniles on the cameras preparing and waiting to take their first flight. The lighthouse camera will be going online in the next few weeks to be able to view this behaviour.

Cormorant and shag juveniles are still around on Craigleith, though less so on the May. Guillemot and razorbill numbers are also decreasing as they, too, head off on their own winter migration. Puffins are still here and fingers crossed they stay a bit later this year.



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