Wildlife sightings 11 August 2016

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Scott

As expected our puffins have all left the islands now and headed back out to sea. We’ve had a few successful puffling rescues so far, with one named Mr Whippy gaining fame in the media after being found under an ice cream van.

There are still some seals being seen around Craigleith but the sailing championship is making it difficult to spot them at the moment. Several dolphins were seen by our boat crews though, so there are still plenty of animals out there!

Elsewhere we have been seeing both of our peregrines on Fidra, often with kills. The new Bass Rock camera has been giving us some great views of the Bass Rock peregrines and is giving us a much better opportunity to see them regularly. The gannets are still flourishing on the Bass Rock and have been plunge diving just offshore for most of this week, often coming very close to the Centre. Gannets enjoy windy conditions and so have no doubt been taking advantage of the recent blustery conditions. Our oldest gannet chick is yet to fledge but lots of the gannet chicks are starting to develop their dark feathers and are getting very near to fledging.

Our fulmar chicks are growing rapidly and the oldest chick is starting to get quite large thanks to some regular attention from its parents. They will still be here for a few more weeks though so there is plenty of time to visit the Discovery Centre and see them before they leave!

The good news is that many of our winter waders are beginning to come back, with turnstones and redshanks spotted on the rocks around the harbour. Starling, sparrow and swallow fledglings are flitting about the harbour and outside the Centre as well and so there are lots to see from our telescope deck and even just from the Café decking.

180816 la fidra


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