Wildlife sightings 18 August 2016

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Alex

Puffins have now left the islands so the main focus in the Discovery Centre now falls onto gannets including the gugas. There are a lot of moulted juveniles now on the camera and we may soon see a few take off for the first time. The lighthouse camera has been giving us some great views of the peregrines perching on the railings but soon it will be firmly focused on the courtyard and to the gugas making their way down from the nests. One ramp is in place to help them on their way when they are ready and a few more will be set up by Maggie and others when there is an available trip out there.

Fulmar chicks are still seen on our Fidra and May cameras and show no sign of setting off just yet. The kittiwake chicks at Dunbar are developing well with many now fledging and perching on adjacent bricks and ledges along the castle walls.

Although chicks are now beginning to fledge and head off on their winter migration the breeding season is still not quite finished with grey seals now on their way back to the May and Craigleith respectively to give birth to pups. A few seals have been spotted on our Craigleith camera but no sign just yet on the May. Seal season will be back again this year in the DC with talks, trails, activities and a few other extras.

220816 la bass rock



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