Wildlife sightings 25 August 2016

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Alex

Bass Rock – The gannet chicks are preparing themselves to leave the nest on the Bass Rock and many have now fully moulted. We are yet to spot the first gugas in the lighthouse courtyard but a few around the cameras are practicing flapping and warming up for their first flight. There are still lots of young chicks, too, on camera that still have their full white down.

Fidra – The peregrines continue to be spotted on both the Bass and Fidra now that the other nesting seabirds have headed off. Fulmars and their chicks remain on Fidra, however, and we have also seen the first curlews and winter waders of the season on the island.

Craigleith –  Quite quiet at the moment with the exception of adult and juvenile shags and cormorants as well as the odd SOS Puffin volunteer. The mallow excursions will continue up until the female grey seals haul themselves out to give birth. We have seen a few seals on the island in the past week but they don’t stay for too long.

Isle of May  – Quiet following the departure of the breeding auks with one or two fulmars remaining. However, soon the beach will be full of grey seals and their pups.

290816 la fidra peregrine


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