Wildlife sightings 1 September 2016

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Scott

Bass Rock: Gannets are still flourishing and over the last week have often plunge diving just outside. We are yet to see a gannet fledge yet but we have seen lots of them flap their wings and stretch as if they are about to fly off. It is likely that some will have left already but we are all eager to spot the first one fledge on camera.

Fidra: The island has been fairly quiet now that the kittiwakes and gulls have left. Our two resident peregrines have been seen recently with kills which is good to see as they had been a bit quiet lately. Elsewhere on the lower parts of the islands there have been a lot of shags seen and it appears they have had a successful breeding season.

Craigleith: We have had occasional seal sightings this week but they have been a bit scarce. We had a few unusual moments this week though, a large tree washed up on the beach and seemed to attract a group of shags who gathered nearby. In amongst this group was a lone gannet who sat with the shags for most of the morning. A gannet on Craigleith is a very rare sight and it seemed perfectly healthy so it is unclear why it was there.

Isle of May: The main focus here is still on our fulmar chicks which are growing rapidly. The IOM research team announced three days ago that their first fulmar had fledged and so we are expecting the ones on our camera to do so very shortly. After this, all eyes will be turned to the beach as we await our grey seals coming on land to breed.




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