Wildlife sightings 06 October 2016

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Helen & Scott

Seal pups have arrived!  Alas, our first pup, born on Sunday, didn’t make it through the night, but we have one, possibly two more, doing well.  There are lots of pregnant cows lying on the beach waiting – it’s lovely to see all their individual markings.  A huge male visited on Saturday, spending the whole day hanging around on the beach.  Also some cows spotted on Craigleith.

We’ve continued to get good views of the peregrines, particularly the younger female on Fidra.  Also on Fidra and Craigleith are families of shags preening after their fishing trips.  The gannets are still here, but it’s getting harder to spot gugas, and even the adult numbers seem to be thinning out.  There’s at least one very fluffy chick in view – about 5 weeks behind the others – it means we’ll have gannets on camera for a bit longer, but it’ll be tough for the youngster starting out so late in life.