Wildlife sightings 13 October 2016

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Alex

Isle of May is the main focal point in the Discovery Centre at present with there being three seal pups currently on the beach. Mavis is doing very well and is getting bigger by the day, as is Pippa, our second seal pup. The third is yet to be named but once the beach starts to get busier and busier with pups it will be harder to keep track of the first pups anyway, at least until they begin to moult. At that time it may be that their names will have to be amended, as Pippa already is very dark suggesting that it will end up as Pippin instead.

Craigleith is becoming pretty busy with adult seals but still no pups yet. Cormorants and shags continue to preen and go on large hunting trips together in the shallows around the island before drying out on the beach. The seals don’t seem to mind their presence at the moment but this may change once the pups arrive.

Bass Rock is beginning to thin with many gugas now heading south to the African coast and many of the adults are also beginning to leave. It still remains white but we have noticed some darker patches appearing when viewing the Bass from the scope deck. There is still one rather white fluffy chick that is only beginning to moult now. This chick is likely to be one that the DC team keep an eye on to see how it develops and hope that it doesn’t leave it too late before heading off.

Fidra is rather quiet now with the exception of the peregrines and the odd curlew foraging amongst the rocks. The young female peregrine is probably appearing more than the adult male but with many of the cliff ledges being vacant we are likely to spot both of them more and more over the winter months.


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