Wildlife sightings 20 October 2016

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Scott

It’s become very busy with seals this week. We currently have around 40 adult seals on the Isle of May along with 17 pups. Luckily the highest tide of the year coincided with light winds and so our seals pups made it through that ordeal quite safely. We are starting to lose track of our named pups but Pippa remains distinctive due to her dark face and is doing well and becoming quite big.

On Craigleith we have fewer seals but do have at least two pups, both of whom are very well hidden and safely tucked away in the tree mallow. Despite at least 19 births no one has yet seen a birth on our cameras so the prize remains unclaimed. There are still a great many seals on both islands to give birth so we still have a long way to go!

There are much fewer seabirds everywhere at the moment, with even the gannets thinning out significantly on the Bass Rock. Luckily our peregrines are still making regular appearances across the Bass Rock, Craigleith and Fidra so we still have lots to look at on camera.

Andrew’s wildlife club have also contributed to our fish tank and so we have a few new additions, the highlight being a particularly large (and slightly fierce) blenny.


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