Wildlife sightings 27 October 2016

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Sarah

The last of the Bass Rock gannets are stubbornly sitting on their nest sites – we have less than ten visible on our camera near the chapel. Seal season continues, with the Isle of May beach total reaching 39 pups. Craigleith’s first pup, on the 15 October, was actually the earliest birth in seven years! The pup is now nearly two weeks old and getting along very well. We named this first Craigleith seal pup ‘Ron’, which means ‘seal’ in Gaelic. Our first live birth on Craigleith was spotted yesterday by a visitor who named it Iggy (as in ‘Iggy Pup’). We now have 5 pups on Craigleith. We’re still looking out for our first live birth on the Isle of May…

One of the peregrine falcons has been making regular appearances both on Fidra and on Craigleith this week, taking full advantage of the gull’s winter migration to the Isle of May. The gulls will hang around on the May hoping to snack on the protein-rich afterbirth from the seals, so the peregrine falcon is able to expand its territory to Craigleith over the winter. As Craigleith is only 1km away from the centre, we have been able to spot the falcon from the telescope deck which has been fantastic!


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