Wildlife sightings 10 November

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Scott

We’ve seen one or two late fledging gugas on the Bass Rock this week but other than them, the island is almost entirely empty. Fidra is equally quiet but we are still seeing our peregrines and can focus on them more often now that most of the seabirds have left the island.

Around the Centre we have lots of winter waders, mainly oystercatchers and turnstones, who can be seen paddling in the rockpools and searching through seaweed on the beach. There should be a few more species arriving in the coming weeks.

Craigleith and the Isle of May are both still heavily populated with seals. We are finding it difficult to count the pups now that they have become a bit more active (they’re faster than they look!) but we think there are about 25 pups on Craigleith and about 65 on the Isle of May. We’ve seen a few males around as well and so we expect the breeding season to begin shortly, with the males fiercely battling for the right to mate. There have been a few seals visible from our telescope deck around Craigleith and it has been nice to see them in real life as well as on the cameras. As the season progresses we are likely to see more and more in the seas around the centre so there will be plenty to look at for the weeks to come.


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