Wildlife sightings 15 December 2016

The latest from the Discovery Centre team – Alex

Fidra December

Grey seals are still present on our cameras though we are noticing numbers beginning to drop. There are still a few young pups with the majority having already moulted or are beginning the process of moulting their pup fur. Craigleith numbers are a lot higher given the different start times of the breeding season so there are still lots of pups to be seen!

Peregrines are still ever present on Fidra as well as Craigleith. Fulmars have also returned to Fidra this week with many pairs being spotted demonstrating courtship behaviour. They will often stay on land for a few weeks before heading back out to sea for the first few months of the New Year.

The ‘Christmas Island’ event has been quite popular with visitors over members’ week and so we have decided to continue this into Christmas itself and over New Year. The films and information on the screens has captured the attention and curiosity of many visitors as well as staff and volunteers. The march of the crabs film in the flyway has also been very popular and a nice break between 3D films. Camera maintenance is ongoing so having different topics like Christmas Island and red crabs has been a nice alternative during the winter season.

Keep up-to-date with the wildlife action via the Seabird Centre webcams. 



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