Wildlife sightings 5 January 2017

The latest wildlife sightings from the Discovery Centre cameras – Scott

Happy New Year from the DC team!

The start of the new year marks the end of seal season with only two seal pups left lounging on the beach. Both are quite old and should be heading off to sea shortly.

It is not all bad news, however, as both the Isle of May and Fidra are filling up with our resident guillemot populations. Fulmars, too, are back, squabbling for nest sites and going through a range of preening and bonding behaviours with their mates. It will still be another six weeks or so until our gannets arrive though. There is still a lot to see, however, as our winter waders are everywhere at the moment, giving those who venture onto the Scope Deck some excellent views.

Our peregrines continue to appear regularly on Fidra, lately both have been seen sitting together which is quite unusual. Our Craigleith peregrines have also been around, they are not easy to see on cameras but can be sighted from our Scope Deck. We’ve updated the whiteboard with a labelled map to highlight where you are most likely to find them.


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