Wildlife sightings 12 January 2017

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Scott

Things have been fairly quiet this week but that should be changing shortly. Our first gannets have been sighted by multiple people in East Lothian so it seems that a few are already on their way to the Bass Rock. It is usually around Valentine’s Day when they arrive in force but the arrival date can vary by a few weeks each way, depending on the conditions.

We have been seeing a lot of our peregrine pair on Fidra lately, with both being seen together very often. Our Craigleith ones are more elusive but can still be seen occasionally.

Our final seals on the Isle of May have left us, leaving a rather empty beach behind. Two of our resident shags, Charlie and Lola, have been seen on the rocks and are once again starting to build their nests. Shags have the longest breeding season of any seabird and Charlie and Lola were our first parents of last year so it is good to see them back.

A few of you may have seen the news that there has been a black redstart spotted in the area lately. It is an extremely rare sight that was seen most recently by Alan, one of the Discovery Centre volunteers. The staff still haven’t seen it so we are hoping he can find it for us again soon!


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