Wildlife sightings 26 January 2017

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Alex

A great start to the week, with a trip out to the Bass Rock. No signs of any gannets when we were out on the island but still a little too early to be seeing them just yet. No kittiwakes either at Dunbar but lots of time and opportunities to try to spot the first arrivals.

The shags continue to prepare their nests on the May, Fidra and Craigleith. We continue to see our ringed shags ‘Charlie’ and ‘Lola’ as well as many other ringed shags, not just on the May but on the other islands too. A few cormorants have been spotted preparing their nests this week on the Craig and a peregrine has also made a few appearances on the Craig cliff camera.

The male peregrine and young female continue to be seen via the Fidra cliff camera often frightening the resting fulmars. They themselves have been doing well on all the islands with lots of courtship behaviour still to be seen. Guillemots continue to be spotted on the Fidra North camera among the old tram tracks but only for a short period in the morning. This is compared to the guillemots on the May which have been spending lots of time on the stacks, often into the afternoon in good weather.


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