Wildlife sightings 9 February 2017


Wildlife sightings from the Discovery Centre team – Alex

The gannets have….NOT landed! At least not yet. On Saturday, a small group of gannets, approx. six, were spotted on the camera flying above the lighthouse area. Since then there have been no other sightings. So, we know they are out there and have returned, but we are yet to see the first gannet land on the Rock.

Another notable return this week was of a group of 13 grey seals, most of them returning juveniles from last season, on the Isle of May. It was great to see so many hauled out and resting on the rocky beach. Today we only have one remaining seal, but many of that large group may still be around the island.

Nesting preparations continue for the shags and cormorants though they are not being spotted on the camera as frequently as they were a few weeks ago. Charlie and Lola continue to be seen, however, on the May with many of our regular visitors interested in being updated on their nest progress. Guillemots continue to gather on the stacks on the May as well as the lower ledges on Fidra and Craigleith respectively.

The peregrines continue to be seen on Fidra, Craigleith as well as the Bass lighthouse. Evidence of kills continues to be spotted, though we haven’t been able to observe any live feeding behaviour just yet.


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