Wildlife sightings 30 March 2017

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Alex

070417 la BR

The Bass Rock is becoming whiter and whiter as the days go on with more gannets returning to the rock to prepare their nests ahead of the breeding season. Our first egg last year was early April so good timing with Easter this year where visitors and staff can enjoy their own little egg hunt on the cameras. A peregrine was also spotted on the lighthouse this past week though it shortly took off.

One of the big sightings of the week however must be the return of puffins!!! On Friday, they were seen on all three puffin colonies, Fidra, Craigleith and Isle of May. Sadly, they have headed back out to sea today so no puffin sightings until they return again. On Friday, a very young peregrine was spotted on Fidra cliff where it perched for the majority of the day before taking off for a hunt. It hasn’t been seen since unfortunately but hopefully it will make another appearance soon. Our islands seem to be taken over by peregrines recently!

The shags and cormorants continue their courtship and nest building and we have also seen a lot of preening behaviour in the guillemots and razorbills, especially a razorbill pair on the Craig beach camera.

Seals have returned to the beach on the May with a small group of approx. six young grey seals resting on the rocky beach. We had been seeing one young seal these past few weeks but, today, she has a few friends with her for company.


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