Wildlife sightings 6 April 2017

Wildlife sightings from the Seabird Centre’s Discovery Centre team – Alex

070417 la BR1

The gannets continue to grow in number on the Bass Rock and this will continue until we have the full 150,000 gannets. The first egg last year was 15 April. We have had some ‘reports’ of eggs but nothing confirmed so, gannet egg hunt for Easter weekend is still planned. We are seeing lots of courtship behaviour and mating so we don’t think it will be too long before the first egg is spotted! It is not just the cameras where we have been seeing gannets, but also just offshore from the Centre. Over the past few mornings gannets have been seen plunge diving just off the flood wall and harbour.

Puffins have come and gone quite quickly but they will be back on the islands as soon as they feel more settled. It happens every year when they return only for a few short days before heading back out to sea again. We still see a few rafting on the water off Craigleith but we are seeing very few on the actual islands.

Their relatives, the guillemots and razorbills, are being very active by comparison with lots of billing and preening on Fidra and Craigleith. We have also seen quite a few bridled guillemots on Fidra this past week. Despite the white streak from the eye and ‘monocle’ appearance, they are not a separate species but instead simply a different form of the common guillemot.

The peregrines continue to make appearances on Fidra, Bass Rock and Craigleith. We have been seeing some mating behaviour on Fidra this past week although it is not sure whether this is with the adult female or the juvenile daughter. We saw similar behaviour last year but, as we are unaware of where they nest, we never discovered whether any eggs were produced.

Check out the wildlife action on our website HERE. 


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