Wildlife sightings 13 April 2017

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Scott

180417 la Bass

It’s been another busy week as the season begins in earnest. Our long-time resident shags from the Isle of May, Charlie and Lola have been seen with at least one egg. They were our first parents last year and raised three healthy chicks so we will see how they fare this time. We have a new shag pair as well, Burton and Taylor (after Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton) whom we are watching with interest as they have picked a prime site very near our camera. The razorbills and guillemots have gathered in number but don’t appear to have eggs yet.

Our cormorants on Craigleith also have eggs and are doing very well. The puffins are proving elusive today but have been around most of the week. This is common for puffins as they often disappear for several hours or days at a time before returning again. Our Craigleith peregrine has also been very prominent lately which is an unusual, but very welcome sighting.

We haven’t seen any gannet eggs yet but we are keeping a lookout, it shouldn’t be very long now. The Bass is very full and has taken on its familiar white colour. The gannets are even taking advantage of the wind and are flying very close to the Centre which is providing excellent views for those on the café deck.

A few visitors last week sighted some dolphins round the Bass Rock as well. Hopefully they make a few more appearances!


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