Wildlife sightings 21 April 2017

Seabird sightings from the Discovery Centre team – Scott

We are getting great views on all the islands just now. We have seen that Charlie and Lola, our Isle of May shag pair, have laid at least one more egg. We’ve also heard from the Isle of May staff that they have seen puffin eggs for the first time this year. Our puffins on Craigleith are still proving inconsistent with them appearing and disappearing random. Elsewhere on Craigleith though there are a vast number of cormorant eggs which is good to see.

We have found a new peregrine falcon lately which was a bit of a surprise. We don’t know where it has come from but it is significantly darker than most peregrines and has been seen on both Craigleith and Fidra. We are keeping a close eye on this bird along with our resident peregrines who we are still seeing regularly.

Many people follow the progress of our kittiwakes, particularly those at Dunbar harbour who are still fairly scarce. The ones on Fidra and Isle of May look to be doing well, successfully competing for space amongst the fulmars, guillemots and razorbills for space on the narrow rock ledges. The guillemots are really gathering in number lately and remaining in once place all day, usually a sign that they are breeding.

Gannets are still thriving but we have not found any eggs yet. It is very possible that some have been laid but we are struggling to find them. Hopefully our second operational camera will make this egg hunt a bit easier!

Keep up-to-date with the action online HERE.


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