Wildlife sightings 4 May 2017

Sightings from the Discovery Centre cameras – Alex

This week saw our first chicks of the season when yesterday Scott spotted a cormorant chick on the Craigleith colony. It is still of course very small and difficult to see so it was a great spot! Many of the cormorant nests have eggs so it won’t be too long before there will be chicks in each nest.

The gannets continue to lay eggs and each day more and more nests are being seen with an egg. There have been no early breakages such as the those of last year, so far so good! Some of the younger parents who are still learning about being a parent will unfortunately land on their nest too quickly or knock the egg out of the nest by accident. Although there are 75,000 apparently occupied nests, it is unlikely of course that each nest will have a successful egg or even a chick. The first chicks are often seen in June following 6/7 weeks of incubation.

Puffins continue to return in their numbers and we are seeing them on the cameras way into late afternoon. A complete contrast to a few weeks ago when they were off back out on the water by noon. We have also been seeing some activity on our burrow camera which is exciting news! The camera has been down in the burrow for at least 7 years now and we hope to observe the pair of puffins have another successful year. However, it may be that the puffins are now aware of us watching them as Jill and Malcolm observed a puffin yesterday tapping the camera! Thankfully no harm done and we still have a clear view of the burrow entrance.

The remaining species on the islands such as shags, guillemots, razorbills and kittiwakes both on the islands and at Dunbar are doing really well. We are yet to see the first shag chicks, or the first eggs from the guillemots and razorbills. The peregrines have been very quiet this week with very few appearances from any of the individuals.

Click HERE to view the webcams.


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