Wildlife sightings 18 May 2017

What’s on the cameras from Discovery Centre team – Erin

All three eggs belonging to shags Charlie and Lola have now hatched over on the Isle of May. The first two arrived this past Sunday while the third and final egg hatched a few days later, on Wednesday. Not long after a shag chick has hatched, either parent will normally dispose of the empty shell by removing it from the nest. Seeing broken egg shells around nest sites, is always a good indication that any eggs have begun to hatch.

Cormorant chicks over on Craigleith are continuing to do well, growing a noticeable amount each day. As the chicks grow, neither parent will be able to sit on them to keep them warm. Therefore, they must gain a large fluffy layer of down for insulation to keep themselves warm.

The number of gannets sitting on eggs is still on the rise. A big thank you to Maggie for taking Francesca and I out to land on the Bass, the early start was definitely worth it!

There have also been several sightings of otters just outside the Centre. Most of them occurring from the café deck down to the right-hand side of the new harbour wall. The otters are most likely to be seen at low tide far out on the rocks, but anyone passing should keep an eye out.


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