Wildlife sightings 25 May 2017

What’s on camera from Discovery Centre team – Helen

Big news is that Burton (Blue BHA) and Taylor (White JII), some of our Isle of May shags, have their first chick, and still two eggs to hatch. They were both ringed as chicks in 2014. Taylor had an unsuccessful attempt at breeding last year. It’s Burton’s first attempt. So, congratulations to them both!

Charlie and Lola’s three chicks continue to grow but they are still small and tricky to see. We’ve made a plan of the shag nests on the Isle of May and a fact sheet about the different families. We continue to report sightings of ringed shags to the researchers on the May.

The cormorant chicks on Craigleith are HUGE! Nearly as big as their parents, but only three weeks old. We’ve also got puffins with chicks as we’ve started to see birds with sandeels in their mouths.

Last Thursday we had a wonderful display of bottlenose dolphins, we saw them on camera near Fidra, but they were also spotted from the telescope deck near Craigleith.

Keep up-to-date with the webcams HERE. 


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