Wildlife sightings 8 June 2017

What’s on camera from the Discovery Centre team – Scott

Good news, we saw our first gannet chick on Friday. It was spotted by Maggie, our Bass Rock guide, during a trip out to the island and she then found it for us on the cameras. It looks to be in the same place as the first chick last year, up against the wall of the chapel.

Elsewhere though our animals appear to be doing well. Puffins are coming and going regularly on Craigleith, and more and more have sand eels which indicates that their chicks have hatched. The cormorant chicks on Craigleith are now huge and should be fledging within the next 2 weeks.

On Fidra we are still seeing the peregrine falcons though they have been staying hidden lately due to the rain. We also have some herring gull chicks on Fidra, although not seen as a glamourous bird they probably have the cutest chicks and so they are definitely worth coming down to see!

Our Isle of May shags are continuing to do very well, so well in fact it is becoming very difficult to track how many chicks have hatched! Charlie and Lola have the oldest chicks and they are getting quite large now so they are very visible and sit right under the cameras which gives us some great views from the Discovery Centre.

Keep up-to-date with what’s on camera HERE. 


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