Wildlife sightings 29 June

What’s on camera from the Discovery Centre team – Scott


It’s been pretty wet on the islands the last few days but the birds are bearing up well.

We are now seeing  lots of gannet chicks all across the Bass Rock. There are still many that have not hatched yet but we have some large chicks right underneath the camera which offer great views to those in the Discovery Centre.

Elsewhere, we have a large number of puffins breeding on Fidra which is good news. There are only around 1500 puffins on Fidra so it is important that breeding is successful for such a small population. They are breeding alongside the fulmars who are now the only bird who does not yet have chicks. They were also the last species to hatch last year and it is not unusual for them to be later than other seabirds. Our Fidra peregrines have been seen, both the young female and our resident male made a rare appearance on camera recently.

Our Isle of May focus continues to be on the progress of our shag chicks. They won’t be around for too much longer so do come and see them before they go! They are already out of the nest and wandering about but have not yet fledged and left completely. James, our boat guide, did a trip to the Isle of May recently and saw two porpoises and a minke whale during the crossing. We are keeping an eye out for them again but if any of you have seen them do let us know or leave a comment below.

Finally, we are starting to see a lot more seabirds around the coastline outside the centre. Many eider ducks are there now with their ducklings and there have been a few Arctic terns flying over the beach and diving for food just off our cafe decking. It is fairly unusual to see a tern that close to the shore so keep an eye out on your way into the centre!

As always, if you see anything interesting or need help identifying something then just let us know and we’ll do our best to help.

Keep up-to-date with what’s on camera with our webcams.


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