Wildlife sightings 13 July

What’s on the cameras from the Discovery Centre team – Scott


It has been a good week for our seabirds as the weather has improved which gives us a chance to see how things have changed.

The good news is our puffins are still here, being seen regularly on Fidra, Craigleith and the Isle of May. They usually leave in mid to late July and so are unlikely to be around much longer. If you haven’t seen them yet then it is definitely worth a visit to the Discovery Centre to have a look before they go! The recent rain has made the vegetation on Craigleith shoot up and cover the puffin burrows. This shouldn’t be a problem and may actually afford the pufflings (puffin chicks) some protection from the gulls when they leave the nest and head to the sea.

Elsewhere on Craigleth our seals have made a welcome return and have been sunbathing on the rocks several days this week. There were also a few spotted around the Isle of Lamb yesterday which was particularly good news for our boat passengers who all got great views. All birds apart from the fulmars have chicks at the moment and the chicks are also visible during our boat trips at the moment.

The gannets are progressing well on the Bass Rock. There are still many which haven’t hatched but others which are several weeks old and extremely fluffy. It will still be some time before the gannets fledge though as usual we will ensure there are ramps around the lighthouse area to prevent the chicks getting stuck in the walled courtyard.

The Isle of May has had a few pufflings fledge lately with one or two being successfully rescued after going the wrong way and ending up lost on the islands. The team from Countryfile have been filming there lately as well to highlight the conservation work that is going on at the moment.

Andrew, our Education Officer, was out with some children this week and managed to spot a pod of dolphins just a few metres off the rocks on the East beach. This was an incredible sighting and we will be keeping a look out for the dolphins over the coming weeks!

Keep up-to-date with the wildlife action with our webcams.



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