Wildlife Sightings 20 July

What’s on the cameras from the Discovery Centre team – Scott


Helen managed to spot our first fulmar chick this week on Fidra which means that all of our seabirds have chicks!

It is still early in the season but researchers on the Isle of May have said that some of the species being monitored have had excellent breeding success this year which is good news.

Our islands are still very full at the moment. The Bass Rock is full of chicks, with some being absolutely huge and others still very small. The weather conditions have been good for the gannets this week and many have been coming very close to the seabird centre and catching the light as they dive into the water.

The puffins appear to be doing well, they don’t enjoy the strong winds as much as the gannets but have been “sunbathing” on rocky outcrops near their burrows lately. None appear to have headed off yet but puffins do tend to arrive and leave very suddenly so there won’t much time left to see them if you haven’t already!

Our cormorants on Craigleith also appear to be flourishing. Most of the juveniles have left their nests at this point and have all grouped together on top of the cliff. This is common behaviour with our shags on the Isle of May doing a similar thing. The juveniles tend to flock together for a few weeks before becoming independent.

As the breeding season slows down we have been seeing more and more of our peregrine falcons who are returning to their favourite, seabird free, perches all around Fidra. They themselves are not breeding as the females are both too young  to have chicks yet.

We don’t have that much of summer left but we are still running all our interactive shows throughout August along with “Shark Week” from the 23rd-30th of July so there is plenty left to do!


Keep up-to-date with the wildlife action with our webcams.



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