Wildlife Sightings 27 July


We’ve had a very busy week here in the Discovery Centre with the school holidays in full swing. Luckily there is lots going on so it has been a great time to come!

Our little fulmar chick that was mentioned previously has been seen quite often now and is actually fairly large. It is still difficult to spot it and we can’t see any others yet but they must be there somewhere. Our puffins are a little bit more scarce but are actually doing better than we expected, usually they would be leaving at this time of year. They did arrive late so it is possible they may stay late as well.

With most of seabird breeding season coming to an end we have been seeing a lot more of our peregrine falcon on Fidra who can now reclaim her old perches from all the nesting seabirds. Peregrines are the only birds we have who do not appear to be breeding anywhere that we know of.

The sunny weather has again resulted in a fair few grey seals being spotted on Craigleith. Often they haul out and sunbathe on the rocks quite near to our cameras. We have around 100 seals in this area and it is always nice to seem on camera.

Our shags all seem to be fledged with only a few juveniles hanging around on the beaches at the moment. Most of the adults seem to be off and the nesting sites are now empty until next year. The same cannot be said of the gannets however who are still nesting. Unfortunately it hasn’t been a very good year for them but there are still a lot of chicks visible from our cameras. It will still be a good few weeks until they fledge and we get to watch them leap from their perches and swoop into the sea.

Keep up-to-date with the wildlife action with our webcams.


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