Wildlife sightings 16 November 2017

211117 la isle of may

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Helen

Seal season is in full swing with masses of pups on Craigleith and Isle of May.  Some of the first pups will have left and headed out to sea to fend for themselves. There are lots of chubby pups – like a haggis with flippers, someone told us!

We still have a few gannets left on Bass Rock. The chicks have almost shed their white fluffy down so it won’t be long before they’re off.  The parents are still coming back a few times a day to feed them, but when left alone the chicks wander about and practise flying by flapping their huge wings.

We’re still seeing gulls, shags and peregrines.  And there are smaller birds, like pipits and wagtails foraging amongst the rocks.

To keep up-to-date with the webcam action, click HERE.


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