Wildlife sightings 9 November 2017

211117 la isle of may 2

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Erin

Seal pup numbers have continued to grow this past week with over 30 pups now on Craigleith. One of the eldest has already begun to moult, indicating that it is around three weeks old. We have watched some of the older pups on the May taking to the water for the first time. Getting caught on the incoming tide can be fatal for pups who don’t yet carry enough blubber, however as the larger pups are better insulated, they’re able to handle a little swim.

The remaining gugas continue to do well and are still being fed several times a day. As older gugas continue to fledge, we have seen several wandering around looking a little confused as to why all the space has opened up and where everyone else has gone, they’re trying to find their way to the cliff edge.

The peregrines continue to be seen on Fidra, sometimes two at the same time but on different ledges. The individuals we are seeing at the moment look different to our regular peregrines though the young female peregrine still makes appearances on her usual cliff ledges.

Keep up-to-date with the wildlife action on our webcams – click HERE. 


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